You can create a schedule for your event. Show the attendees what is the agenda. During creation you can choose kinds of sessions, their start and end time.

How to create a schedule

In Event Management go to "Schedule" section.

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Here you have an option to "Add new session". Just click it and you can start entering details.

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Here you can choose the day when a session takes place, enter start and end time and choose what kind of session it is.

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Keynotes are displayed on a main event page.
Sessions can be filtered by kinds in a created schedule.

If the event happens in more than one room, it is good to fill in the "Track" field to let people know where they can find sessions they are interested in.

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You can choose sessions from the existing list of presentations on your event in "Participation" field or name them on your own in "Name" field.

Each session has to entered separately.