Email Notifications

Here you can select types of information you want to receive on your e-mail.

Email Settings Photo

The list of types:

  • Mailing - You will receive information from events admins. If you take part in an event and something is changed i.e. event place, hours etc., admins can inform the attendees via e-mails.
  • Remind - You will receive a reminder that the event you are an attendee of starts in two days.
  • Newsletter - You will receive e-mails with new events which may sound interesting to you.
  • Suggested Events - You will receive e-mails with events the people you follow are going to.
  • Upcoming Events - You will receive e-mails with proposed events matching your topics.
  • Follow - You will receive information that you have a new follower.
Checkboxes are all selected from the very beginning. If you don't want to receive some types of information, you have to deselect it here.