Here is a list of all your added publications.

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How to add a new publication?

Click “Add Publication” and start entering necessary information.

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Step 1: Title of publication

Type in the title of your publication.

Step 2: Abstract

To give users more information about your publication, you can enter its abstract. It is not required but it's good to give people a general look on what your work is about.

Step 3: Source of publications

Provide a source of your publication.

Step 4: URL

In URL field you can add a link to your publication on the web.

Step 5: Published on

Tell people when it was published.

Step 6: Topics

Choose the topic of your publication. It’s not required but it’s useful. Many people browse publications by topics they are interested in. By choosing the topic, you may get to a bigger audience. You can choose more than one topic.

Step 7: Create

Click “Create” and it’s done.