Call For Proposals

Call For Proposals settings enable event organizers to easily manage their call for proposals and talk submissions.

You don't have to rely on tools such as Google Forms, WuFoo Forms and other!

How to create CFP on Eventil?

Go to "Call for Proposals" section.

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Write a description. It will be visible to your potential speakers. Set the start and end date and it’s done.

Custom fields

If you want to get some extra information from potential speakers, use "Custom fields" for CFP.

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Click "Add custom field", choose the type of the field (checkboxes, questions etc.) and enter the necessary information.

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1. CFP Always Open

If checked, Call For Proposal url and submission will always be available. This setting doesn't affect CFP info box on the event page. Info box display is based on START/END dates.

2. Code of Conduct

If checked, the Code of Conduct will show on CFP page for speaker's submission.

3. Ideas Enabled

If checked, logged in users can submit their ideas for presentations. You will find out what people are interested in and what they expect from your event's talks or workshops. Ideas are votable.

Ideas can be submitted at

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Here, by clicking "Submit Idea", users can add their ideas.

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CFP is ready

You can find submitted proposals in Presentations part.

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Once the CFP is ended, you can create Voting.

Your own CFP

If you prefer to use your own external CFP, you can add a link to it.

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